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Who We Are

Uncle Sassy Farms is a micro-sized urban farm located in spectacular Lander Wyoming.

Uncle Sassy Farms specializes in sustainably growing nutrient dense specialty mushrooms and microgreens, proudly using pesticide-free and herbicide-free methods.

We operate year-round to make sure you get the best value, nutrition, and flavor on a consistent basis.

If you’re interested in adding a scrumptious bite to your next meal, please sign up below to stay in touch with the farm.

Where We Are

1 - In the summer, we're at the Lander Valley Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

2 - You can sign up for weekly emails to receive harvest updates, place orders, and buy a monthly farm share.

3 - We’re also found online at Speedgoat Market where you can place orders between Sun-Tue each week.

Monthly Farm Shares

At the end of each month, Uncle Sassy Farms opens up a farm share - very similar to a CSA. You prepay to receive a portion of the next months harvest.

Each week of the share, you will receive a portion of tender microgreens, and/or a portion of specialty mushrooms delivered to your doorstep.

As a shareholder, your share will come in a reusable container. When you’re done, just leave the empty container out for pick-up when the next delivery is headed your way.​

To request more information, sign up for the email list to receive share updates at the beginning of each month and weekly harvest updates.

Farms Share Details

  • Farms shares open at the end of each month.

  • Farm shares run for 4 weeks each month and are renewable from month to month.

  • Harvest and deliver is on Friday morning.

  • Please have a cooler outside your front door for me to place your produce.

  • Free delivery in Lander city limits only.

  • Each week, place the used container in the cooler before the next weeks full container is delivered.

  • Reusable containers should be returned if you choose to discontinue your share.

  • If you are outside of town, you can pick up your order at 415 S. 7th in a cooler just inside the front gate.

  • I prefer Venmo for payments. It’s secure, fast and convenient. My handle is: @unclesassyfarms

Microgreen Only Share


  • ~4oz of mushies

  • Free delivery

  • Reusable containers

  • 4 spots

Uncle Sassy Farms grows: mild mixed brassicas, spicy mixed brassicas, amaranth, radish, spicy mustard, sunflower, cress, basil, cilantro

Mushroom Only Share


  • ~4oz of mushies

  • Free delivery

  • Reusable containers

  • 4 spots

Uncle Sassy Farms grows: shiitake, oyster, lions mane, chestnut, wine cap, king oyster

Big Combo Share


  • ~8oz of mushies

  • ~6oz of micros

  • Free delivery

  • Reusable containers

  • 4 spots/month

Small Combo Share


  • ~4oz of mushies

  • ~3oz of micros

  • Free delivery

  • Reusable containers

  • 8 spots/month

Do I need to sign up?

No, you can see us at the Lander Valley Farmers Market in the summertime. But if you do sign up, you will receive weekly harvest and availability updates - you’ll have first dibs on freshness and variety.

How do I place an order?

If you don’t own a share, you can place an order by replying to the weekly harvest updates each week. Or you can contact me during the week to see what is available. I may have some unsold product. I am willing to set aside an order for pick-up anytime.

How do I get it?

After placing your order, you can have your order delivered for $2 or you can pick it up at 415 S. 7th for free. Delivery within Lander city limits.

Where do you sell?

The best way to purchase mushrooms and microgreens is to sign up for our email list. You will receive weekly updates on what varieties are available and when. You can also inquire about purchasing a monthly share. Uncle Sassy Farms tries to be at every Saturday Lander Valley Farmers Market throughout the summer, and sells at their online sidecar - Speedgoat Market. Plus, the Popo Agie Conservation District Garden Expo is another venue to find Uncle Sassy Farms products.

What is a microgreen?

Microgreens are immature vegetable species that are harvested once the first leaves (cotyledons) have developed and just before the true leaves come in. Microgreens are valued for their nutrition, flavor, and spunkiness. In 2014, the USDA published a study that found 5 times the essential vitamin concentration in microgreens as compared to their mature counterparts.

What is a specialty mushroom?

Specialty or “Gourmet” mushrooms differ from standard “button” mushrooms in shape, color, flavor and texture, which vary wildly. Ecologically speaking, button mushrooms and gourmet mushrooms are both saprophytic fungi, meaning they decompose material. Gourmet mushrooms are primary decomposers, breaking down tree wood and other lignans. While button mushrooms primarily rely on previously digested material as a food source. Both are delicious and nutritious.

Special orders?

Yes! I am willing to try new varieties, just ask. I may need time to experiment, so make sure to give me about 2-3 weeks lead time.


If you represent a restaurant or are a chef, please contact me to set up a wholesale account.

Want To Know More ?

The best way to stay informed about product availability, share openings or direct ordering is to subscribe to our email list. While it’s not required, please share your phone number as texting is sometimes the best way to stay in touch.

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