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Monthly Farm Shares

It’s an easy two step process.

Step 1: Sign up for the Uncle Sassy Farms email list. At the end of each month, Uncle Sassy Farms notifies customers about open farm shares (very similar to a CSA).

Step 2: You respond to the email directly with which share you want. If you reply before all the shares are claimed, you then prepay to receive a portion of the next months harvest.

Each week of the share, you will receive a reusable container full of tender microgreens, and/or a reusable bag of specialty mushrooms delivered to your doorstep. Just leave a small cooler into which your share can be placed.

When you’re done, just leave the empty container and/or bag in the cooler for pick-up when the next delivery is headed your way.​

For more information, sign up for the email list to receive share updates, request shares, order extras, and hear about weekly harvest updates.

Farms Share Summary

  • Farms shares open at the end of each month.

  • Farm shares run for 4 weeks each month and are renewable from month to month.

  • Harvest and delivery/pick-up is on Friday mornings (except during the farmers market season, which you then pick up on Saturdays at the market).

  • Please have a cooler outside your front door for me to place your produce.

  • Each week, place the used container in the cooler before the next weeks full container is delivered.

  • Reusable containers should be returned to 415 S. 7Th if you choose to discontinue your share.

  • Free delivery in Lander city limits only.

  • If you are outside of town, you can pick up your order at 415 S. 7th in a cooler just inside the front gate.

Micros Only Share - $22/month

~3oz of micros/week

Mushies Only Share - $22/month

~5oz of mushies/week

Small Combo Share - $40/month

~5oz of mushies/week & ~3oz of micros/week

Big Combo Share - $78/month

~10oz of mushies/week & ~6oz of micros/week


The best way to stay informed about product availability, share openings, or direct ordering is to subscribe to our email list.

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